Fuzzy Rainbows

Monday, November 13, 2006

Black Bill

I decided to torture myself a little and downloaded Bill O'reilley's election day aftermath show. It is quite comical just to see how close Colbert has mimicked the guy, but nothing is as funny (or frightening) as the real thing:

"We've been saying for months that the terrorist are going to try to influence the election by stepping up the violence in Iraq, and trying to give the impression it was out of control. Now nobody can disagree with that, now that's true. But is it fair to say that the terrorists wanted the democrats to win?"

People watching this show are basically brain washed, it is amazing. I wonder if Bill consciously does this, or is it just an innate gift?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Now that the democrats put the smack down on the fucktards in Washington, what chances do we have for impeachment? I propose that if Bush gets convicted of war crimes (we would need to repeal the recent law absolving him of guilt), we could string him up on Christmas morning and have a double hangin, Bush and Saddam. If god would be so kind to maneuver that kind of sick justice, I would buy the biggest goddamn christmas tree I can find and start throwing out hallelujahs like meth at mega church!