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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Another reason windows bites

Have you ever blue screened the recovery console? Have you ever seen the windows recovery console? If so, I pity you, I truely do. As of five minutes ago I didn't even think it was possible to blue screen the recovery console... but yeah.

Just try installing a driver which happens to delete your /WINDOWS/system32/drivers/pci.sys and then try desperatly to figure out how to fix that shit. Yeah simply copy the file right? Well after screwing around a little I found that on the windows install disc it has the pci.sys file, but it is compressed. So then after poking around I saw this "EXPAND" function. Try it if you want to see the blue screen in action. I may have played around with the up and down arrows too which was printing out garbage before the blue screen.

At this very moment I am about to try the "COPY" command which according to ms's website, will decompress the file when copied off the cd. Ok, it seemed to work, but fyi, it decompressed but didn't change the name from pci.sy_ to pci.sys.

Also as a funny sidenote the command "NET" says this in the recovery console's help: "use NET USE to map a network share point to a drive letter." This would be pretty cool if it worked, maybe you could mount a samba share and copy some files to fix some shit and whatnot, but alas, this is what it says on ms's website: "Although the Help file states otherwise, the net command is not usable from the Recovery Console. The protocols stack is not loaded for the Recovery Console. Therefore, there is no networking function available." So at this point I don't know how anyone would be able to fix their shit if something serious went wrong. You can always use linux to read the drive... too bad ubuntu didn't have ntfs write on by default.